Midnight Moon (decaf)

Refreshing, Yet Restful

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Aaah. It’s 10 o’clock. You’ve just spent the day working getting your wood in for the 200-day North Country winter looming just the other side of Memorial Day; or you’ve been out fooling around all day, having fun with the family, fishing and picnicking. You’re home now, and you’re not quite ready to pull down the shades. Your significant other suggests, now that the kids are asleep the two of you have a little downtime to sit and talk over a cup of coffee and maybe even catch a glimpse of the midnight moon before falling into dreamland. This water-decaffeinated bean will give you all you’re looking for. . .refreshing, yet restful. Everything you want in a cup of coffee, except the caffeine.

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Weight 1 lbs

Whole Bean, Coarse, Auto-drip, Espresso

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