Hiker’s Delight (dark roast)

A Boost to Get There

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Of course, there’ll be those days in the North Country when you’ve had it with the solitude and the black flies and with the deer flies buzzing your head like predator drones. And the no-see-ums; let’s not even go there! No, you’re looking for escape, a little virtual time warp. A trip back to the Greenwich Village coffee houses of the ‘50s and ‘60s. Some long-haired freak at the next table spouting off about Wittgenstein, the doe-eyed blonde across the table from you about to take your Queen, Lenny Bruce cuffed and hauled away for the language he just used in his last joke. Hiker or not, this coffee is a true Bohemian roast that will get you to your destination — real or remembered.

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Weight 1 lbs

Whole Bean, Coarse, Auto-drip, Espresso

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