Blue Line (light roast)

Like an Adirondack Sunrise

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The Blue Line marks off 6 million acres of mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and meadows. The Adirondack Park, we want to share it with you in this coffee. Picture the sun cresting the Jay Range and pockets of mist filling the hollows in a rolling meadow or the morning light glinting off the rock face at Chapel Pond as brookies roll in the motionless water. Or, how about it’s 20 below outside and you’ve just rolled out of bed to face a whole 7 hours of good day light, and the wood-stove is ice cold. You want to get crackin’; wrap your hand around a steaming cup of coffee. Either way you cut it, it’s an Adirondack sunrise inside the Blue Line, a delightfully smooth and full blend.

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Whole Bean, Auto-drip, Espresso, Coarse

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